Reward Points

What is the Customer Reward Points Program?

The Customer Reward Points Program is our way thanking you, our valued loyal customer. You will now be able to earn reward points on every purchase made that can be redeemed for product in our store.




How does the Customer Reward Program work?

For every $1 that you spend, you earn 10 points effectively giving you back 10% of the product's value on each purchase made.



Product Cost:  


Points Earned:


You would need 1000 points to purchase a $10 item.




Are there any requirements or limitations in order for me to use my points?

There are no requirements such as:

-          Minimum number of points before points become active.

-          Minimum purchase amount required in order to redeem your points.

-          Minimum or Maximum amount of points that can be redeemed per product.


In other words, customers can purchase 100% of a product with points.




How can I see my points?

Once you log in to your account, you can view them by clicking on “Your Reward Points” under the “My Order” section. Points corresponding to items in the cart will be earned when the order is completed and will disappear if an item is removed from the cart or the order is not completed.




Where do I apply or use my Reward Points?

When you checkout, you will be able to redeem them in Step 5: Payment Method or at any time by accessing your shopping cart and expand the “Use Reward Points” option under “What Would You Like To Do Next?” Section.



When do my points expire?

Points are valid for 120 days beginning the day the order was placed. Our system will automatically remove any unused points after 120 days for that specific orders and not all points accumulated.




Can I retroactively obtain Reward Points on past orders?

Unfortunately no.



Are points rewarded on shipping expenses?

Unfortunately they are not.



Can points be earn on discounted or sale products?

Yes, however the number of points earned is solely based on the amount paid.



Do I earn points for items purchased with points?

Unfortunately you do not. Purchases made from redeemed points are excluded from earning additional points.



Can I use points to pay for shipping expenses?

Sorry you cannot, but then again shipping is free.




Conditions of Use

Points are awarded and can only be used on the site where the purchases was made. Points are awarded to registered users only. Points cannot be transferred or sold to other members. Doing so will disqualify you for the program. Points cannot be exchanged for cash. If customers are caught abusing our points reward system they will be immediately banned and all points become void. We reserve the right to discontinue the Customer Reward Program at any time in the future.



If you still have any questions regarding our Reward Points Program, please contact us by emailing us at